There is a lot of conversation today about the use of social media in the hospitality business. Should you get Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all at once? How do you utilize these platforms? No social media at all? Or even just one account?

This bigger question is if it is worth the investment of both time and money.

In this blog post we’re going to explore why and how you should invest in social media at your restaurant.

Who is your customer?

Determining how you will approach your use of social media is completely dependant on who your customer is. If you’re a traditional restaurant, like for example a steakhouse, you might focus on an older demographic. Or perhaps you’re a vegan restaurant with bright decor that attracts a lot of trendy millenials.

Both these groups are very different, and therefore have a very different use of social media.

Before going down the road of investing in social media, it is important to note that if your target market is over 35 then it may not be of value for you to invest in social media as they use it much less. However, if your target market is under 35 then it is time to consider which channels you want to utilize and how you want to roll out your content! Please note these are generalizations, and there are exceptions.

Which platform to use?

Facebook: Can be great to engage with your customers who leave reviews, post pictures of your food, and you can make full use of the fact that there are ratings on Facebook!

Instagram: The ultimate platform for showcasing your menu and drinks! This is really the ultimate platform for restaurants, who have a lot of visual content to share.

Twitter: This is also a platform where you can easily showcase your photos, and any related articles. It’s great to stay up to date on the latest news. There are some trends that suggest people are using Twitter less, so look at what your target market is using.

Google+: This platform is primarily used to increase the SEO for your website.

To outsource or not to outsource?

Outsourcing can be great because you’re leaving it up to the experts to post your content. The right lighting for the photos, the right caption, consistent posts in line with your brand, engaging with your audience… And this leaves you to focus on your business!

Of course this comes at a price. But then again, what price do you value your time at?

You can leave it up to your team, but then you risk losing consistency and it takes more time and therefore costs to labour. Once you figure out your target market, and which platforms you want to utilize look into the costs of outsourcing this work to determine whether it might be worth it or not.

At the end of the day, you want to use social media to refer new potential customers. And utilizing social media means guests can see what you’re about before coming in. But you also want to make sure you make the best use of it!

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