You have a website that seems to be getting the job done just fine… But are you making the most of that platform to increase your reservations and therefore sales?

Here are three simple tips to make sure you’re optimizing your website!

1. Mobile Responsiveness

A potential guest saw your restaurant’s account on social media and decided to check out your website. Amazing!

But wait… Your website isn’t mobile response and is only ideal to view from a desktop computer.

This potential guest has to zoom in, zoom out, scroll to the right and left just to try and view your menu to see if they’d like to dine there tonight.

It’s too difficult and time intensive just to get the minimum information they need to decide whether to go to your restaurant or not.

They quickly give up and decide to go elsewhere. Too bad.

Make sure your website is mobile responsive!

That way it’s easy and aesthetically pleasing for potential guests to get all the information they need about your restaurant and decide to go there tonight!

2. One-Pager

Alright, your website is mobile responsive… Woohoo!

Time to change the format.

When people are looking at websites on their cell phones, they habitually will just keep scrolling down.

For this reason, we recommend putting all your information front and center on the website.

Who are you? Why should people come there to eat? What can they expect? Where are you located? When are you open?

Make it clear, easy and simple for potential guests to get all the information they need about your restaurant!

When in doubt, check out your website analytics. See what people are looking at and format your one-pager accordingly.

3. Reservations front and center!

Now that you have a clear, simple, mobile-responsive site… Time to make it as easy as possible for potential guests to make a reservation as soon as they check out your website.

Embed a section or link at the bottom of your one-pager so visitors can make their reservation with the touch of a couple of buttons.

The more difficult or time consuming it is for someone to make a reservation, the less likely they are to do so.

Remember to keep it clear, simple and easy… And you’ll see a significant difference in your number of reservations!

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Lucy Cullen


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