Tech is booming right now in Canada, and restaurants are definitely reaping the benefits. According to Bill Tremblay for Canadian Restaurant News, restaurant owners are taking full advantage of everything tech from management, to training and even marketing. This week, we’re bringing you some apps perfect for your restaurant.

  1. Turnstyle

Restaurants that have Wi-Fi available for guest use can use an app called Turnstyle to make a customized login page for users with up to three featured images. This could be used to promote events or specials. On the login page, the restaurant can request the user to provide their email address, or like/follow the restaurant’s social media profiles. It is a great marketing tool, as users can send messages more relevant to their audience compared to email blasts, based on demographics.

Tremblay highlights that the restaurant operator could set up a campaign to thank or welcome a returning customer as they connect to Wi-Fi based on their mobile device ID. Encouraging customer loyalty.

2. Servy

This app is similar to secret shoppers. Rather than restaurant reviewers going public with their constructive feedback, they can use the app to review any aspect of a partner restaurant, based on questions asked by the owner. For example, the owner could ask if the server is quality checking their table within two bites of their meal. Or if they find the music to be too loud.

There is an incentive to use the app, as reviewers are compensated for their time. They can select from a number of restaurants who are requesting a review and must verify they dined there by taking a photo of their check. The review is then sent to the restaurant by email and stored in a cloud-based dashboard.

3. Staffy

Server call in sick 1 hour before service? Dishwasher not show up? According to 2015 Restaurants Canada survey, 43% of Canadian restaurant operators reported being unable to secure adequate skilled labor.

Staffy addresses this problem. Our app is Canada’s first on-demand marketplace which connects restaurant and event operators/managers with skilled contractors. A fair wage is agreed upon for the shift, ensuring that contractors have the freedom to pick up shifts based on their schedule and experience, and restaurants or event companies can fulfill their temporary staffing needs within 90 minutes. Whether their needs are short term or long term.

Staffy is changing the hospitality industry currently in Toronto, Vancouver and soon New York City. Think of us next time you’re in a pinch!


This cloud-based software system helps restaurants improve wine sales, standardize testing and improve guest engagement. It helps servers recommend the right wines to guests… Basically like having a sommelier with them at the table.

Servers need to be upselling, rather than simply taking orders which can be a vicious cycle for those who are not confident when it comes to wine.

This app has a virtual trainer that walks servers through tastings of the wines available at the restaurant. As staff taste each wine, the app records their notes on eye, nose, mouth finish and opinion. The app will record and store notes from all the staff, as well as the sommerlier’s for future reference.

The app is meant to empower sommeliers with tools that have not existed before to ensure state of the art technology for both sales and server.

You can rank the wine by staff and sommelier, allowing you to have information about the team, tasting and wine at any point.


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