Are you making the most out of social media at your restaurant? This week, with the help of Stephan Schulz for RestoBiz we’re bringing you five quick tips so you can become Insta famous.

  1. What are your followers looking for?
  • Choose a topic of focus (ex: your menu) but don’t only post about that, share content about related topics (ex: recipes) that may encourage them to share and engage

2. Use images all the time

  • Images (pictures or video) get much more attention compared to words. Which will encourage your audience to engage, share and hopefully attract new followers!

3. Put thought into your photos — Take the time

  • Take photos of the entire dish, not just a portion
  • Natural light is your best friend
  • Marble and wood make great backgrounds to pictures of food. Picture of this evening’s special on a dark wooden table in the window? Always gorgeous!
  • Show the process of the food you’re preparing, not just the finished product. Let your guests see what is going on behind the scenes

4. Give credit

  • It’s great to support other hospitality professionals/restaurants and share their content — But make sure you are giving them credit
  • Be sure to use #Repost, along with the username/handle of the account, and for Instagram, quote the original post

5. Be Genuine

  • Don’t try to pull off a style or voice that is not your own. Your followers will pick up on that. Take the time to develop content that will truly connect you to your following

Credit: Stephan Schulz, “How Social Media Can Help Grow Your Brand,” RestoBiz

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