It’s no surprise that cafés can be full of guests paying only $3 for a coffee and camping out for 5 hours on their laptops. Or even coming in and saying they’re going to buy something and hanging out with just a water for an hour. Of course it’s great to have people in seats, but how do you make sure that you’re not being taken advantage of and it resulting in a damage to your sales? Here are a couple tips to increase your sales:

1. Limit wifi or get rid of it all together!

The problem of guests sitting on their computers too long is a common one.

Consider not having high speed wifi, so you don’t have guests coming in and watching videos and television for long periods of time.

Getting rid of it all together, means getting rid of people camping out. And increasing seat turnover!

2. Get Rid of Outlets

Getting rid of outlets means that guests need to leave as soon as their computer runs out of battery.

This way they can still work on their computer, but it won’t become their office.

And therefore, room for more paying customers!

3. Limit Your Menu

Do a smaller number of things, and do them well. This shows your gusts that you specialize in that menu rather than trying to do too many things.

And also decreases the likelihood that product will go bad before you’re able to sell it.

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Lucy Cullen


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