Staff meetings can sometimes be a waste of time and inefficient. Here are our tips to make sure your team meetings are successful.

1. Have a set schedule

Staff meetings shouldn’t come as a surprise to your team. Give your staff plenty of notice of the time and location, and keep this consistent across all your team meetings. This allows for your staff to plan around it, and ultimately ensure everyone attends. Also pick a time that will work well for your staff. Coming in early after closing the night before won’t work well for them. Not sure, just ask your team when they’d prefer.

2. Make an agenda

Come prepared with talking points, and brief your staff on the meeting outline at the beginning. This keeps things organized and moving along. And stay within the limit of the meeting time. Your staff will lose concentration if the meeting drags on past the scheduled time.

3. Make it worth their while

While staff meetings and training are very valuable, your staff may see it as a short shift they are coming in for without the possibility of tips. Offering food or beverage will help ensure the staff are excited to come in. Especially if there is coffee involved, a little caffeine will help keep them alert if they will be working for the rest of the night.

4. Engage them

Have an issue related to sales on the floor? Ask your waiters and waitresses what they think the solution should be. Engage your staff and ask them for their input on various issues, rather than speaking at them about only your perspective. Asking your staff for solutions will keep them engaged, and help ensure these issues are properly resolved. And who knows, they may have a solution you have never thought of!

5. Finish with action items

The team should leave the meeting knowing what to do next and what is expected of them. Make it specific too. Rather than saying “Sell more red wine,” instead say specifically the type and quantity they are expected to sell in a certain timeframe.

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