If you’re planning on opening a restaurant in 2019 or even sometime in the future, here are three marketing tips that will make sure your grand opening is a huge success!

1. Host Events

Consider hosting multiple events leading up to your grand night to build up buzz and excitement. Some event ideas include:

  • Friends and family soft opening: This is a great opportunity to test things out, and work out any kinks with your team. It also allows an opportunity for your friends and family to start posting on social media and start promoting your grand opening!
  • Host a media and influencers event: Invite members of media and social media influencers in for an exclusive night to try out your food and drink! They will share their experience with their followers and this will help make sure you’re booked solid after opening.

2. Offer a Comeback Perk

Once guests come to check out your space, you want to make sure they come back again, or better yet… Become a regular! Consider offering a comeback perk. This could be a a card they stamp for every 5 burgers (or any other food item) they get, the 6th one is free. Or becoming a member of your restaurant club so they receive discounts and access to exclusive events (this can also help build up your mailing list!). Or even, a card that says when they come back on their next visit they get a free appetizer! Super simple, and will help make sure you’re booked solid.

3. Give Freebies

Hey, who doesn’t like free stuff? Having free food and/or drink on your opening night, or even opening week will be sure to get people in the door. Offering a glass of free bubbly to everyone who joins you at your opening is sure to get people’s attention, and better yet, sometimes local media will pick that up and promote it to a wider audience and you’ll have lineups around the block!

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Lucy Cullen


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