New to restaurant management? These tips will help get you and the restaurant set up for success!

The Customer Is Always Right

Always. This is the golden rule. Even if you don’t agree with them, how you handle the situation will determine whether or not they will return.

Restaurant Job Expectations Should Be Clear to Staff

Ensuring that job expectations are clear means the job will be done effectively and efficiently. From bartender to waiter, this is important for every position in the restaurant!

Restaurants Need Advertising

We’re past the days of radio and newspaper advertising (if you’re doing this, stop right now!). But think of social media as free advertising, and a way to get the word out about what’s going on at your restaurant! Start by getting an Instagram account, and posting pictures of your food, restaurant and the team behind it! Don’t forget to use hashtags and post on a regular basis.

Keep Up With Trends

You don’t need to change things constantly, but trends like vegan food or nose-to-tail dining are important to incorporate into your menu to help keep guests coming in the door.

Catering Can Expand Sales

You already have all the resources! Food, equipment and staff. Increase your sales by advertising catering to your customer base, and get on board with catering large and small events.

Small Steps Can Save Restaurants Money

From switching to LED lightbulbs to eliminating straws, there are lots of small things restaurants can do that save money! Other items include switching to rechargeable candles, or getting rid of custom branded coasters. Not to mention this also helps reduce waste.

Update Your Menu Regularly

You don’t want to get rid of the classics, but updating your menu on a regular basis keeps your guests excited and intrigued. Not to mention updating your menu to be in line with seasonal produce helps ensure you’re serving the best ingredients to your guests.

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