According to Restaurants Canada, approximately 80% of diners believe that technology improves their experience. Restaurants are using technology more and more to streamline operations, increase sales and improve productivity. Here are our tips for 2020 technology methods you need at your restaurant.

Tech in Restaurant


According to Restaurants Canada, guests rate being able to make reservations online as most important (next to wifi) when it comes to restaurant technologies that would help them. Using an online booking system is something guests now expect, and many restaurants use OpenTable to manage online reservations, but are you also using Dinr? It can be such a headache when you get last-minute cancellations. Dinr let’s guests book same day reservations so you can get seats filled.

Staffing apps

How many times has a team member called in sick or not shown up and you push through service anyways, compromising the quality of service and often resulting in significantly lower sales? Restaurants no longer need to suffer the consequences of unexpectedly losing a team member right before service with StaffyStaffy let’s you get on-demand staff within minutes for your restaurant or event. From cooks to servers, you can get staff onsite within 90 minutes so your team is set up for success.

Gathering data

If you use an online booking system (or when you start!) there is a huge opportunity to gather data about your customers. Using this opportunity to gather data helps you get to know your guests’ needs, get repeat business and reduce the amount of no shows. Having wifi available to guests is also an opportunity to gather data. Getting guest emails in return for access to wifi is a great way to gather data. These emails can be used to communicate special offers, events and new menus to keep guests excited and coming back! Using these emails can also be an opportunity to send out any surveys for feedback or build loyalty programs.

Restaurant tech

Payment methods

Guests are looking for fast and efficient payment methods at restaurants. Many restaurants are making the switch to wireless card payments, and options like Apple Pay. If you’re a quick-service restaurant, these payment methods can actually increase sales and productivity, as it reduces the amount of time spent doing payment transactions. These options also reduce the amount of paper used for receipts, as it is all on the customer’s phone or you can go paperless with POS systems likes Square. Improving efficiency, and saving money on paper… How can you go wrong?

You can start to implement some of these tech methods today to improve efficiency and sales at your restaurant!

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