Summer is here, patios are full and it’s a busy time! Here are some stats that will help improve your scheduling practices, based on data collected from over 150,000 restaurants across North America in 2017:

  1. Top 3 days of the week employees are most likely not to show up on (in order): Saturday, Sunday, Friday

Saturday comes in at #1, and is also one of the busiest days! Best to have some backup plans on these days just in case incase one of your waiters or waitresses calls in sick.

2. Average number of days in advance a restaurant publishes next week’s schedule — 2.44

This is very short notice and doesn’t give your staff an opportunity to plan their time outside of work. If you are posting your schedule even less time than this before the week starts, you should make a change and give your staff plenty of notice. This will help keep your staff happy, and improve staff retention.

3. Average weekly labor target across all restaurants — 24.38%

With minimum wage increases, this is more important than ever before. If your target is higher, you may want to reconsider your practices.

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Lucy Cullen


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