Here’s 5 mistakes to avoid while hiring new restaurant staff:

1. Not Having a Clear-Cut Job Description

Just saying “You’re a server” and assuming your new employee will have an understanding of their responsibilities is a huge mistake, and can lead to issues in the future. You should spend time drafting a list of responsibilities. This way you and your new employee are on the same page, and they have a clear understanding of how the job is done, when the job is done and what is expected of them.

2. Not Using Referrals

Implement a referral program at your establishment. Employees are highly motivated when there is a referral program in place. This keeps your team members happy, and increases the likelihood of getting a new team that fits well in the culture at your restaurant.

3. Hiring Those Who Don’t Fit In With the Culture

Having good restaurant culture helps ensure everything runs smoothly. In a high-stress environment like a busy restaurant, the tension between staff members can be magnified and make it challenging to have a smooth service. Make sure your new team members are going to be a good fit.

4. Not Doing Interviews the Right Way

It is often said in the restaurant industry that interviews are just a formality, but this is an opportunity to make sure you’re not hiring the wrong person. Ask specific questions such as:

  • What’s your own favorite restaurant?
  • What kind of work environment do you shine in?
  • What do you think is most important when dealing with customers?

5. Neglecting to Call References and Doing Background Checks

This is another opportunity to make sure you don’t hire the wrong person. Take the time to call references, and ensure they are going to be the right fit for the position. You need to make sure they can be trusted with your business, especially if they are going to be a waiter, waitress or bartender and handling money.

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