Scheduling effectively makes sure your services run smoothly, with fewer issues, and higher sales. Using the right people for the right job means higher sales and happier guests. Here are five simple scheduling tips that will help make sure you’re set up for success every service:

1. Utilize your top team members

Make sure to use your best servers and bartenders for your busiest money-making services. These team members will work efficiently and will be sure to meet all of your guest needs without hesitation. Scheduling new or inexperienced staff during the busier shifts can decrease your sales and negatively affect the guest experience.

2. Conduct pre-shift briefing before staff get to work

This can seem obvious to some, but it is very important to brief your service team as soon as they arrive. That way they are informed about any specials, 86’d items or priorities for that service before they greet their first guest. And also ensures they are not distracted during the briefing.

3. The team should match the busyness of the restaurant

When it gets slower, team members should be dismissed accordingly. And vice versa… There’s no use to keep a bigger team on when there’s no need for it. This reduces your labor costs.

4. Schedule a polisher!

This is more crucial at larger dining establishments. Assigning polishing duties to servers and support staff throughout service takes them away from their tables and making you money! By having a dedicated polisher, this increases the efficiency of your team and reducing the amount of time spent (and money!) on having multiple servers or support staff polish.

5. Change the schedule to anticipate changes to business

As it gets busier in the summer months, don’t expect only a couple of staff members to push through, then bring in extra team members after the need is already there. Anticipate the busier times by scheduling extra hosts, bartenders, waiters or waitresses to accommodate the higher volume.

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Lucy Cullen


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