Making sure your staff are the most productive they can make a big difference to your sales and profits. This week we are bringing you three tips to help make sure your team is operating at peak performance:

1. Track section performance

Waiters and waitresses each have their own section. Of course, some sections natural have higher turnover than others, and some sections have different sales than others (ex. the patio on a sunny day is likely going to get higher sales than inside). But it is important to track productivity according to sections and tables in order to gauge who your top performers are. It’s also helpful to pair this information with feedback from guests. Here are some examples for ways you can track productivity as it’s related to increased sales, higher turnover, and guest return:

  • Did the server ask the guests if they’d like another beverage before the guest’s glass was empty?
  • Did the server quality check all tables within a couple of bites of their order?
  • Did the server take a minute to have a personal experience with each one of their tables, and create that guest experience?
  • Did the server clear dirty plates and glassware as soon as it’s done?
  • Would the guests at those tables return?

2. Use add-on menu items to track sales success

Pay close attention to who on your team is doing best with regards to upselling add-ons. This can include side dishes, appetizers, drinks, dessert or simply be extra cheese or bacon on a burger. Track which servers are doing best at this, and use this as a tool to see how sales can be improved, and what items aren’t working on your menu. Also use this information to challenge the rest of your team to do better, such as making an incentive to those that sell the most of a specific item during their shift.

3. Leverage your data

Using this data on a day-to-day basis to challenge the team to do better is important, but it’s also valuable to set up regular meetings with the whole team to track performance. Make decisions with the rest of the management team about what is working, what isn’t and communicate to the rest of your team what is going on and how they can improve over-all. This will help keep your team engaged and tap into your staff’s passion for the hospitality industry.

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Lucy Cullen


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