Your restaurant is nothing without a strong and dedicated team. You could have the best decor, cocktail program, and menu, but without a good team to showcase that, it is meaningless. This week we’re bringing you five tips to ensure you have the best restaurant team:

1. Lead By Example

As owner, chef or manager, your behavior sets the model for everyone else’s behavior. You treating guests with patience and respect means your front-of-house staff will as well. Furthermore, your behavior models how your staff will treat each other. If you’re a chef who yells at a high volume at the bartenders, waiters or waitresses when disciplining, your staff will think this is acceptable behavior and treat each other the same. Lead by example in everything you do and your staff will follow suit.

2. Look For Passion Over Experience

Experience is important but if you have someone interested in working at your establishment who lacks experience but is dedicated and passionate about learning this can make a huge difference to the attitude of the employee. Ideally, all employees will have both experience and passion, but passion can’t be taught and employees who are passionate about hospitality will be the ones who go above and beyond for your guests. Don’t dismiss a passionate applicant just because they lack experience.

3. Present Your Establishment As A Great Place To Work

Selling your restaurant as a great place to work is important to attracting the right candidates to build your strong team. Communicate with future employees the benefits of working there, and how it will help further their skills. From continuing education to on-the-job training, candidates are looking for a place where they can build on their knowledge and expertise (this is part of item #4). Furthermore, they want to know that they will be in a positive, welcoming and supportive work environment. Especially with it being Pride Month this is very important.

4. It’s Not Only About The Money

People want to work at your restaurant not only because of the money but because of the opportunity to learn and they want to feel proud of their job. Take the time to think about how you are supporting this. Furthermore, these opportunities to learn can make up for a lower hourly wage.

5. Have Fun!

Running a restaurant can be stressful and serious. But remember to have fun! Your staff should be able to enjoy themselves at work (you as well!). Of course without compromising the quality of service. Your guests are there to have a good time, and they like to see you are as well.

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Lucy Cullen


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