1. Understaffing

Being understaffed can have a huge negative impact on your event. Things can run behind and your event can be much messier without enough hands to clear, disappointing your client and guests. Make sure you are set up for success with enough staff. Furthermore, when you have a small group of people for a job (specifically event set up or tear down), it can take them a very long time to complete it, and often the same amount of man-hours than if you had a larger team doing the job in a shorter period of time. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Use Staffy App to get last-minute staff onsite and make sure your event is a success!

2. Lack of communication

Assigning leads to different event teams, such as the team in charge of food stations, canapés or clearing will help make communication easier and streamlined for the whole event team.

Use technology! Walkie-talkies or even cell phones are easy ways to stay in communication and help things run smoother. And download the Staffy App on your phone for last-minute staffing needs.

3. Lack of experience

Ensure all your catering staff are skilled and knowledgable in their tasks. Whether it is event set up, coat check or managing a food station, making sure they are prepared is key to the success of your event. This is even more crucial to delegating tasks to the service leaders for your event. Not everyone needs to have years of experience, but making sure each team member is set up for success is crucial to ensuring your event runs smoothly. Delegate and assign jobs to everyone ahead of time, making everyone is comfortable with their task. If you are bringing in new staff from a staffing company, ask one of their managers to help with delegating, as they will have a good idea of how best to utilize their team.

Staffy is a staffing company that provides you with temporary on-demand restaurant and event staff within 90 minutes in Toronto, Vancouver and New York. Whether you need to hire a bartender or catering staff, Staffy has you covered! Learn more at www.staffy.com


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