Would you like cheese on that? Would you like to add guacamole for an extra charge? Yes, the upsell is important when serving. It helps increase sales!

But when it is too much and turns the guest off? Here are three tips to make sure your servers aren’t turning your guest off with the upsell.

Make sure it benefits them

To win at the upset, make sure that it benefits them. Trying to push extra toppings on them that they aren’t very interested in doesn’t do this.

But asking if they want a side of fries with their sandwich as the sandwich isn’t sometimes enough and it’s just $2 more, that benefits them.

Guests want to be taken care of and not “sold” to.

Train your servers

Making sure your servers are trained properly, means that the upsell will happen properly without making guests uncomfortable.

Make sure your staff know how to properly upsell successfully without being too pushy.

Teach your staff to anticipate guest needs. For example, if one guest is vegan, they won’t want to be upsold extra cheese.

Instead suggest extra plant-based protein for a well rounded and filling meal at only $2 extra.

And make sure your staff have a strong understanding of the menu and all the associated options for each type of guest. Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, etc…

Don’t go overboard with the upsell

If you try to upsell guests on every item they are ordering, not only will they feel overwhelmed but it will seem pushy. It is said that the price shouldn’t increase by more than 25% with an upsell.

Remember… Not being pushy, means guests will feel comfortable and will come back!

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Lucy Cullen


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