We’re in the middle of the busy holiday season, but it’s also time to start thinking about how you’re going to thank your staff for all their hard work after New Year’s!

1. Throw a party!

What better way to end the holiday season than with a celebration of all your team’s efforts! Consider throwing a bash for all your staff to let loose in January, perhaps on one of the days you’re closed.

Bring in some nice drinks, food, perhaps some fun games and make sure none of your staff have to work it!

2. Holiday Bonus

This is rarely done in restaurants, but is very realistic for small teams and/or salaried employees.

Your team works hard. Consider giving a holiday bonus to those who have gone above and beyond, or have been with you a long time.

Providing a holiday bonus will help staff feel appreciated and could also help with staff retention.

3. Trip

Hospitality professionals should always be learning, right? Plan a little trip for your staff to visit one of your producers. Perhaps you’re driving distance from one of the wineries that you buy from? Or one of the farms you buy from?

This will be a fun day away for you and your team. They’ll improve their knowledge of one of the products you sell, make them feel appreciated and also be a team bonding moment!

4. Promotion

You’re about to enter the quietest months of the year, and you want to make sure you retain staff… Especially your best team members!

If you had one team member really shine through this holiday season, and go above and beyond… Consider giving them a promotion! They will feel appreciated for all their hard work and once again, this will help with staff retention.

5. Thank them

Duh! It seems so obvious, but many managers or owners still fail to do this.

A simple thank you goes a long way and always makes people feel appreciated.

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Lucy Cullen


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