The warm summer months are quickly approaching, and that means the busy patio season is nearly upon us! Is your hospitality business ready? It can sometimes be an unpredictable season, from changing weather conditions to sick staff. We’re here to make sure you are set up for a successful and profitable patio season.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your patio ready!

Make sure your patio is stocked ready for those warm spring days when everyone wants to sit on the patio. Doing prep tasks ahead of time like getting all your patio cutlery, napkins, glassware etc. ready and stocked, so all you have to do is wipe down the furniture on those unexpected patio days will make a world of difference! This will improve the efficiency of your team on those days and keep your guests happy.

2. Be ready for the unpredictable

Sunny afternoon when it was supposed to be rainy, and you cut your server? Or someone calls in sick? Don’t compromise the guest experience by pushing through service with a skeleton team. When restaurant guests wait for long stretches of time for service, they may never return. Understaffed restaurants do significant damage to their brands. Have a plan to know how you will make sure you still have a team ready to handle the volume and be efficient. Download the Staffy app to have restaurant or event staff there within 90 minutes!

3. Keep the kitchen stocked

Running out of your signature dishes or drinks is never the mark of a solid restaurant operation. Opening up the patio sometimes doubles the capacity of the restaurant, so keep a healthy inventory, especially for your signature dishes!

4. Keep staff engaged

During such a busy time of year, staff are often working long hours and can easily burn out. Keep morale high by having ongoing acknowledgment programs such as “Employee of the Month” or having daily incentive goals, such as selling the most specials, or highest wine sales, with a simple reward such as a meal or gift card. This will keep your staff engaged and sales high.

5. Use annual trends to plan ahead

No use waiting until it’s 25C to hire the extra host you will need when your restaurant capacity doubles. Hire enough people and give them time to learn the systems. This will ensure your team is running as efficiently as possible when it gets very busy. When you are in a pinch, use the Staffy app to get experienced BOH and FOH staff there within minutes!

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