For FoH/BoH Staff:

  1. A detailed resume specifically highlighting your relevant experience;
  2. Photo of your proof of eligibility to work in Canada (Passport, PR Card, VISA);
  3. Email addresses for three references;
  4. Photos/certificate #s for any industry certifications/qualifications (e.g. Food Handler Certificate) PLEASE NOTE: You’ll need to take a selfie during the sign-up process. Dress accordingly.

We pride ourselves on having the best contractors in the hospitality industry. To maintain these high standards, we need to check references for a “real world” assessment of your skills/professionalism.

You'll see open shifts based on your availability and distance settings so it's critical that you keep them current. You can find shifts three ways:
1. Push or SMS notifications (can be customized under “Setting -> Notifications”);
2. “Available Jobs” in the app; or
3. Click the bell on the Home Page.

Immediately - the moment you clock out of your shift - if eligible for StaffyPay. StaffyPay is available to contractors with a minimum five shift and 4.2+ rating. There is a nominal $5 transaction fee charged to the contractor. Otherwise, you'll be paid in five calendar days.

Your rating is the average of your client reviews. We only post your rating after your first three clients have completed the review. As clients are not obligated to rate you, feel free to ask your clients to rate you at the end of the shift.

For Restaurants, Bars, and Catering Companies:

There is no commitment or fees to register for the Staffy platform. It's pay as you go. Simply use the platform as needed and we'll charge you for the hours worked and logged.

Our hourly rate is the contractors chosen rate + Staffy's service fee. Contractors choose their rate based on labour market trends and demands. Staffy's service fees vary according to method of payment: Pre-purchase is 20%; Credit card is 25%; and Cheque is 40%.

Provided you've cancelled the shift more than 48 hours in advance, you will not incur a fee. Otherwise, we do charge a three-hour cancellation fee, which is provided directly to the contractor as compensation for clearing their schedule.

Staffy has a rigorous recruitment process. We source our talent from recognized, established job boards. We review resumes to ensure the commensurate experience exists for the role(s) they wish to fill. We also complete reference and background checks.

Once onboarded, our real time reviews ensure that our talent are meeting and exceeding expectations. If someone isn't making the grade, we remove them from our system.

Quite easily! In our app, navigate to “Hire a Staffy” to set a “New Broadcast”. Monitor the status under “Requests”. You’ll also receive notification when there’s any activity. As soon as a suitable candidate appears, book quickly before their schedule changes!