Make the most of these simple tips to help increase sales at no cost

1. Utilize Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are free unless you’re paying for ads, so use these platforms to promote your restaurant and menus!

One of the biggest benefits is that potential guests can visit your restaurant page on platforms like Facebook to see what others think, and share posts they really like with friends of theirs. Hopefully, they’ll then make a reservation!

Engage and post on a regular basis. The more engaging you are with guests and the community, the more you will build your following and be able to influence purchasing decisions at your restaurant.

2. Post a Video, or Host a Webinar/Livestream

Got a favorite dish on the menu that guests constantly ask you the recipe for? Considering doing a live stream, webinar or even posting a video to YouTube showing guests how you make it or doing a cooking demonstration.

When you’re planning this, consider the time of year as well. Perhaps guests will want to learn how to make a roast turkey for the holidays!

Brainstorm topics with your chef and team, and promote it on your website and social media channels!

3. Run a Contest

Use a contest to encourage guests to publicize your restaurant on their social media channels and spread the word! Perhaps a contest for a free dinner for two? Or even just for a free burger? All they have to do is follow you and tag a couple of friends. If you’re giving away free food the cost is pretty minimal and you’re building your audience. Or perhaps a photo competition or “name the new menu item” competition!

You can publicize the competition with guests in the restaurant, on your website and social media platforms.

Ensure you publicize the winner so people know that you followed through and they will likely enter another time.

4. Utilize Email Marketing

Similar to social media, email marketing in the format of a newsletter is a great way to engage with your audience on a regular basis. And it’s free!

Start building an email list if you haven’t already. Systems like Mail Chimp let you send up to 2,000 emails for free and are very easy to use.

Have guests sign up for your mailing list on social media, your website or even in the restaurant.

Send emails on a regular basis to share exciting news or special offers. That will keep your guests coming back!

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