Restaurants can have a tendency to put minimal effort into their websites. Make sure you’re not making these mistakes that impact your brand.

1. Not Having a Website

It sounds obvious, but many restaurants and cafes don’t even have a website at all! How are guests supposed to be able to find your address so they can come in for a meal? Or send your business information to a friend they are meeting for dinner? Guests can easily decide that they’d rather go an establishment where they can easily find the information about where it is, what the menu looks like and make a reservation online.

2. No Food Menu

Guests need to be able to tell on your website if you have something they’d like on your menu. Especially if they have dietary restrictions. Make sure your manu is available to them. Even if you have a menu that changes daily, be sure to list a sample menu so they can get an idea of what to expect.

3. Professional & Easy to Navigate

Is your website sleek, professional and easy to navigate? Your website is the first impression a guest will often have of your business, so it should impress them just like the food you serve! It’s really easy to build a website that’s impressive yourself and at a low cost. Use a platform like Squarespace to get it set up.

4. Not Listing Social Media

Guests should be able to go on your website, and check out some of the content you post on social media so they can get a better idea of what to expect when they come in. Food, atmosphere, etc. And also check out what other people are saying about your establishment! Linking your social media to your website helps legitimize your business.

5. Make Reservations Online

As soon as guests decided they want to dine at your restaurant, they should be able to easily make a reservation then and there! Set up an online reservation system so guests can easily make a reservation. Check out systems like OpenTable to make this easy to set up.

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