5 Reasons to Consider a Digital Menu Board

5 Reasons to Consider a Digital Menu Board

Lots of quick service restaurants are switching to a digital menu… But what are the benefits? We’re bringing you 5 reasons to consider making the switch yourself!

#1: Save Money

Reprinting menus gets expensive! If you want to make changes to your menu, big or small… It’s easiest with a digital menu where you can make that change with the click of a button.

This is especially useful when you want to push a daily or seasonal special!

#2: Ease

Not only is using a digital menu going to save money on printing… But it’s also much easier! If you want to change your menu, you simply just edit the menu online. Much simpler than having to pay a designer to change it, send it to the printers, then have your staff change them over.

This makes it much easier to manage prices, menu items and seasonal specials.

#3: Marketing

Utilizing a digital menu board allows you to push anything you’re looking to market! Whether it be an upcoming event, special promotion or one of your drink specials.

You can push any of your marketing messages! And change what you want to promote easily.

#4: Upsell

Would you like to add guacamole? Utilizing a digital menu makes it easy to upsell when it’s integrated with your POS system. The digital screen can display complimentary menu items when people are ordering.

For example, someone ordering a burger will order a side of fries with that when prompted.

This can significantly increase your sales.

#5: Streamline Ordering

A digital menu allows all your menu items to be paired with a gorgeous, mouth watering image of the food item. This encourages guests to make a fast decision.

This is because they can more quickly choose what they want based on an image, rather than reading through the ingredients of an item. This allows you to serve more people, faster!

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