2019 Restaurant Trends to Watch For

2019 Restaurant Trends to Watch For

We are almost one month into 2019 and restaurants are starting to get ready for the busier months ahead. This week we are talking about hot restaurant trends and how you can capitalize on them!

1. Vegan

Restaurants with plant-based menus have been popping up all over the place. And with good reason… According to CBC, 6.4 million Canadians are restricting meat in their diets to some degree. Restaurants are capitalizing on this trend by either being completely plant-based or offering more vegan options than just a salad.

To capitalize on this trend, consider offering well thought out vegan options. Perhaps smoked tofu to substitute meat in a reuben sandwich. Or a nice vegan curry! And don’t forget to promote your new menu items on social media!

2. Edibles

It’s no surprise that with marijuana legalization, this has been a hot topic for awhile now in the restaurant industry. But how are you considering this at your restaurant?

Canada’s Cannabis Bill allows for the sale of edibles one year after weed is fully legalized in July 2018, and more than half of the 68 percent of Canadians who support legalization are curious about edibles. It’s important to consider now if you will add this to your menu, or do an event to celebrate and capitalize on the legalisation. This will allow time for your staff to go through the appropriate training and also promote your new menu items or event to celebrate the legalization!

3. Plasic-Free

Everyone is going strawless and plastic-free! A&W recently got a lot of press because of switching to biodegradable straws and the installation they did at Union Station in Toronto made of the last of their plastic straws. If your restaurant is still using plastic straws, at the very least you got to make the switch because this is something guests are demanding more and more. Not to mention the money you will save by not having to constantly buy straws!

Going completely plastic-free is a whole other ball game though because you need to look at plastics in your kitchen too. It’s possible, just requires a bit more work. Start on the straws to keep up with the plastic-free trend and your guests happy by showing you are eco-conscious!

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